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Your Guide to Daydream, Hamilton, Hayman, Long Island & South Molle Island Resort

  Daydream Island Resort
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Daydream Island ResortDaydream Island Resort was originally established in the early 1930's and after various re-designs and refurbishments, most recently in the year 2001, the resort is looking fantastic. The new accommodation is of a high standard and great value for money. The resort itself offers such features as an open air cinema, a 19 hole interactive golf putting course, extensive swimming pools, the always popular swim up bar and some great eateries including Mermaids Restaurant.

Daydream Island also boasts one of Australia's leading Rejuvenation Centres. With 14 treatment rooms, 2 Vichy showers, 2 Hydrotherapy tubs and more. Relax and indulge while restoring harmony and balance to replenish the body and spirit. Even for the day you can pamper yourself with a massage, facial, iridology, naturopathic consultation, saloon treatments and more.

There is a small man-made harbour on the North Eastern side of the Island with 6 moorings located just outside. To organise a mooring please contact the resort on 4948 8488.

Daydream is also home to Sunlovers Bay, which is a beautiful sand beach on the North Western side. Sunlovers Bay is serviced by one public mooring available to monohulls up to 20 metres and catamarans up to 18 metres. Again you will find reef protection buoys which you must be outside of if you decide to anchor. Daydream islands swift currents on both sides mean that anchoring can be hazardous in general though, so it is a good idea to leave someone aboard as anchor watch if you cannot get a mooring. Also, while navigating around the southern end of Daydream watch for the reef as it extends a long way South of the Island.

Hamilton Island ResortThe Hamilton Island Resort is one of the Whitsundays most well known. The resort itself is the largest in the group and offers an equally vast range of facilities and activities. Everyone can be catered for at Hamilton Island Resort with features including: fishing charters; dive shop; swimming pools; go-carts; rifle and pistol range; various clubs and taverns and many good eateries just to name a few.

The island also includes a fifty acre fauna park featuring kangaroos, koalas, goannas and plenty of other local wildlife. Hamilton has fringing reef coral with some of the best snorkelling at Catseye Beach.

Hamilton Island is also well known for having the broadest range of accommodation types. Rooms vary from three to five star in separate complex's. The multi-story Reef View Hotel houses the most guests in Garden and Coral Sea View rooms starting from around $220.00 per night with multi-bedroom apartments available for families. Or for something a little more luxurious the Beach Club offers guests beachfront accommodation set amongst a private lap pool, library and the Club Lounge. No children are allowed in the Beach Club area, which makes it a perfect place for couples to really relax.

Hamilton Island is serviced by the largest island airport, which takes traffic from most major cities. This makes it a great spot to fly into if your hiring a bareboat, as most bareboat companies will relocate vessels to the area for a modest fee or you can charter from one of the Hamilton Island charter companies.

The shipyard at Hamilton Island is the most comprehensive in the area. In the harbour you have access to fuel, water, shipwright, electrical and engineering services and a large range of supplies. Although there are many berths for both large and smaller vessels in the harbour it is a good idea to contact the harbourmaster a few days in advance to reserve a berth. The cost would be $66.00 overnight or $5.50 per hour if your only staying through the day.

The Harbour is located on the Western side of Hamilton Island and is relatively easy to navigate. One thing to watch for is the airport runway, which runs NNW toward the harbour entrance. Stay 300 metres clear of each end of the runway (further if you have a very tall mast) and you will be clear of any approaching aircraft. The entrance to Hamilton Harbour is marked with port and starboard markers which are lit at night.

Hayman Island ResortHayman Island Resort is considered one of the finest resorts in the world boasting some very prestigious awards such as: Zagat Survey - Top Resorts of the World;
Forbes Magazine - World's Best Beach Resort and Travel & Leisure - World's Best Service Awards. Set in a stunning rainforest with themed restaurants, swimming pools (including the largest swimming pool in the Southern Hemisphere) and cocktail bars scattered throughout the resort.

On the southern side of Hayman there is a man-made harbour with the entrance marked by six beacons. Permission to enter the marina can be granted by the marina office on VHF channel 16/10. Day visitors are permitted to stay between 1000 and 1500 hours at a cost of $145.00 for a vessel and two passengers ($35.00 per person thereafter) and are required to purchase lunch at one of the resorts restaurants. Pre-booking a berth is essential, as Hayman will only accept two vessels per day. The resort facilities include, fuel, water, rubbish disposal, nurse, a dive shop and of course the restaurants. Please also note that a dress code does apply to all guests.

If you would like to make your stay at Hayman Island Resort a longer one, accommodation must be booked in the resort. No guests are permitted to stay overnight on their vessels. There is a truly outstanding range of accommodation available on Hayman Island, starting from around $185.00 per person / per night.

Hayman Island is also home to one of the Whitsundays most popular dive and snorkelling locations, the famous Blue Pearl Bay. Blue Pearl Bay is not the easiest place to anchor. There are five reef protection buoys located off the fringing reefs which you must anchor outside of to reduce damage to the reef. At the northern end of Blue Pearl Bay you will find Dolphin Point which is considered one of the best dive locations in the Whitsundays. Blue Pearl Bay is also accessible from the resort via walking trail or the Resorts own water taxi. When sailing around to Blue Pearl Bay, do not attempt to pass between Hayman and Arkhurst Islands but navigate around the South Western side of Arkhurst.

Navigation on the southern side of Hayman Island, between Hayman and Hook Islands, can be difficult as there are many hazards to negotiate. Recently though, many beacons and lights have been installed, helping to make the passage safer.

Long IslandLong Island is a national park which offers some good walking trails with scenic views over The Narrows (the passage between Long Island and the mainland) and also seaward towards Whitsunday Island. Long Island is home to two resorts, Club Crocodile Long Island Resort at Happy Bay and Peppers Palm Bay Resort which, not surprisingly, is located at Palm Bay.

Club Crocodile
Club Crocodile, formally known as Happy Bay Resort, is a great "value for money" option for resort accommodation in the Whitsundays. It particularly suits families with good day care options and suitable room types. If you pay for a mooring at Club Crocodile you will have access to many of the activities as well. There are two swimming pools, tennis courts, barbeques and nightly entertainment. Happy Bay itself has some good snorkelling and diving straight off the beach but keep the reefs in mind if you are anchoring as there are a few isolated bommies that may be hazardous.

Basic facilities including a nurse, a dive shop, a restaurant and a laundry are available to guests. You can radio ahead on VHF channel 16/09 to get a mooring and expect to pay $55.00 for your first night and $35.00 per night thereafter. Also, keep in mind that the jetty at Happy Bay is for use only by the resort. Permission may be granted to load or unload passengers only by the watersports manager who is contactable by radio.

Peppers Palm Bay
Peppers Palm Bay is very welcoming to bareboat guests and is an ideal stop off point.
Set on the secluded beach of Palm Bay, house guests can enjoy the pure serenity that only this resort can offer. Private bungalows nestled amongst the palms are television and radio free so that you can immerse yourself in the sounds and atmosphere of this truly unique resort. Bookings are essential for a mooring as there are only six available and they are very popular.

Access is only permitted prior to 1500 hours. The cost of a mooring at Peppers Palm Bay is $120.00 + $25.00 per person (regardless of age) and you are also required to dine at the exquisite resort restaurant which is $60.00 per guest (again regardless of age and not including beverages).

The two main features of Long Island to watch for when sailing is The Narrows and East Rock. The Narrows is a passage between Long Island and the mainland, which bottleneck currents up to five knots so keep this in mind especially if approaching from the South. East Rock is on the eastern side of Long Island near Pelican Island and has no beach access year round. East Rock is a significant bird site with a six knot speed limit within 200 metres and a Boat-free zone within 200 metres between the 1st of October and the 31st of December.

South Molle Island ResortSouth Molle Island is a National Park Area covering some 405 hectares. A visit to this beautiful island should be not just to enjoy the resort facilities but to take advantage of some of the finest walking trails that the Whitsundays can offer, over sixteen kilometres of them in fact.

The South Molle Island Resort itself includes a nicely set swimming pool, spa area, bar, restaurant and a nine hole golf course. While the rooms are of an older style they are comfortable and well priced.

One of the Islands greatest assets is the white sandy beaches and pale blue waters. Not to mention the golf course, bush walks and relaxed atmosphere.

To get access to the Resort facilities, including the golf course, a $22.00 per night fee is payable at reception and there is usually no need to book. To radio ahead, you will be able to contact South Molle Island Resort on VHF channel 16/74.

The resort is located centrally in Bauer Bay. The northerly facing bay is not, however, one of the better anchorages in the Whitsundays as common southerly conditions funnel in around Spion Kop, Lamond Hill and The Horn. As the wind becomes easterly the waters become more rolly. It is a safe anchorage, however, and can be useful if bad weather catches you off guard.

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