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Whitsunday Diving & Snorkel Island Guide

As well as being a fantastic area to sail, the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef are well known as having some of the best diving and snorkelling locations in the world. For many years people from around the globe have traveled to the area to witness the stunning coral gardens, swim with the turtles and more recently, trying to find Nemo. The following is a list of some of the better Whitsunday diving and snorkel locations.
Snorkelling & Diving in Whitsundays

Hook Island

The Pinnacles
Widely considered to be one of the best Whitsunday snorkel & diving sites, The Pinnacles offers some great hard corals, Giant Maori Wrasse, Parrot Fish and the majestic Manta Rays are common between May and October. Sloping from 5 to 21 metres, the bommies will rise to within 3 metres of the surface making the site good for both snorkellers and divers. Located on the North Eastern corner of Hook Island, Pinnacle Bay is subject to some uncomfortable anchoring during strong South East winds and Northerlies over five knots.
Location: 20°0.3', 148°50'

The Wood Pile
A great Dropoff dive but not really suitable for snorkelling. The fish life is similar to that of The Pinnacles with a good number of Black and White Tip Reef Sharks. The Wood Pile is located at the opposite end of Pinnacle Bay to The Pinnacles and the area is protected from South East winds up to 15 knots.
Location: 20°03.6', 148°57.6'

Mantaray Bay
Mantaray Bay is one of the most well known snorkelling and diving locations in the Whitsundays particularly with charter boats, mostly because it is so well protected. Anchoring is prohibited and during the day a two hour limit applies to the moorings. Hand feeding fish is common and don't be to surprised as the Batfish swarm the back of your vessel when you arrive. Diving is best straight from the boat but there is not a great deal below about 15 metres.
Location: 20°03.7', 148°57.4'

Luncheon Bay
Luncheon Bay provides a nice bommie for Whitsunday diving and some nice shallow reefs for snorkel. Again the area is very popular with the charter boats so don't expect to have the bay to yourself. The area is subject to strong currents so keep this in mind when planning your dive.
Location: 20°03.8', 148°57.3'

Maureen's Cove
Maureen's Cove is not the best choice for snorkelling in the Whitsundays but offers some great shallow dives with some nice caves and ledges from 12 to 15 metres. You are likely to find Angelfish, Butterfly Cod, Coral Trout and Sweetlip. It is very well protected, except from northerlies.
Location: 20°04.1', 148°56.2'

Saba Bay
Saba Bay is located on the eastern side of Hook Island and is a popular spot for diving in the Whitsundays during northerlies but is rather exposed to southerly winds. Good diving on bommies at 7 - 12 metres and good coral cover in shallow water.
Location: 20°07.2', 148°56.6'

Hayman Island

Dolphin Point
Located on the northern tip of Hayman Island, Dolphin Point offers a great diversity of marine life and some spectacular undulating terrain. Scattered bommies and fallen blocks litter the bottom at about 18 metres. Trevally, mackerel and clown fish are present and you may also come across the occasional hammerhead shark.
Location: 20°03.3', 148°52.8'

Blue Pearl Bay
Blue Pearl Bay is very popular for both Whitsunday diving & snorkel. Especially with charter boats. A diverse range of tropical fish life is always present and a vertical wall at 15 metres offers some good coral cover, tunnels and overhanging ledges.
Location: 20°03.9', 148°52.8'

Cataran Bay, Border Island
A great snorkelling location in the Whitsundays as almost everything worth seeing is above six metres. There is a good cover of very colorful coral which becomes very shallow at low tide, making the shore only accessible during high tide.
Location: 20°09.5', 149°02.0'

Hannah Point, North Molle Island
In interesting dive, often used for a night diving spot in the Whitsundays. The visibility is usually not as good as Hook or Hayman Islands but there is some good corals and fish life. Watch for the current off the point.
Location: 20°12.9', 148°48.4'

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