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The Whitsunday area offers a range of sailing courses from Introductory Sailing, Competent Crew Certificates to Coxswains. The most popular course done in the Whitsundays is the Competent Crew Course for those wanting to get more than a bit of hands on experience and learn the actual running of a sail vessel.

For those just wanting to pull a few sails up and get a general idea, then joining a cruise maybe enough. There are quite a few sailing vessels that offer the Introductory Course during a normal overnight sailing cruise. This is an average extra cost of around $100 for the Introductory Certificate on top of the cruise cost.

The Competent Crew Certificate offered in the Whitsundays is recognized all over the world. A great way to start if you are looking at doing more sailing over the years. The cruise will be skippered by qualified AYF instructors who teach you a variety of practical and theory components involved with the sailing of a yacht. Competent Crew Courses will cover the setting of sails, charting courses, rope work, helmsman ship, safety, anchoring and more. These courses are generally three days and two nights and are an average cost of $680 per person. This cost also includes meals while on the vessel.

The local Whitsunday Sailing Club also offers a range of courses. This area of the club's activity continues to grow in both the number and type of courses offered and the number of students attending. Sailing and training activities, particularly for the junior sailors has always been a priority. The general courses offered include Speedboat License courses, First Aid, Marine Radio and Coxswains Certificates.

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Eureka II

Eureka II, Aussie Adventure Sailing's state of the art Sydney 60 racing yacht is now available. The Whitsunday Islands are always a great experience, however how you travel their waters makes the difference in terms of comfort & style.

If you want the rare opportunity to experience a yacht that is only three years old and still on the "Grand Prix" yacht racing circuit then this cruise is for you. Experience invigorating high performance sailing on a modern yacht with all the current racing technology.

With its modern fit out and all the comforts of a cruising yacht, huge interior and share or private cabins, Eureka II is a complete sailing yacht for only 16 passengers. Eureka II also offers Yachting Australia sail training courses which can be completed while you cruise the Whitsunday Islands or periodically join Eureka II on a 6 day 5 night coastal passage under the guidance of our qualified sailing instructors.

Whitsunday Marine Academy is a Yachting Australia Approved Training Centre. Yachting Australia is the the governing body for sailing and power boating in Australia and has been entrusted with significant responsibilities in the areas of training and safety standards.

Whether you are an experienced or first time sailor, we promise that an AYF Course will be the highlight of your holiday in Australia - incorporating snorkelling and the exploration of the Whitsundays in one neat package.
Introductory Certificate
Pre-requisite: none
3 days / 2 nights

Syllabus: personal safety, ropework, working as a sheethand, relative direction, the compass, the chart & steering.
PRICE: $450 p/person
Competent Crew Course
Pre-requisite: AYF Introductory or similar experience
3 days / 2 nights or 6 days / 5 nights

Syllabus: knowledge of sea terms, parts of yacht, sail handling, personal safety, equipment, man over board, distress signals, manners and customs, rules of the road, dinghies, meteorology, coping with sea sickness, helmanship, sailing engines.
PRICE: $499 p/person (3day) $990 p/person (6 day)
Inshore Certificates
Pre-requisite: AYF Competent Crew and 20 logged days at sea
6 days / 5 nights

Syllabus: nautical terms, ropework, anchorwork, safety, international regulations for the prevention of collision at sea, basic sailing, towing, stability, navigational charts and publications, navigational drawing instruments, compasses, chartwork, position fixing, tides and tidal streams, pilotage, visual aids to navigation, passage planning, navigational and restricted visability, meterology.
PRICE: $1100 p/person
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